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Use SharePoint for file sharing, photo sharing, wikis, blogs, discussions, real-time meetings, email reminders, project management, shared calendars, to-do lists and so much more.

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Over 1,000,000 users in 80 countries have signed up for SharePoint

Shared Calendars

Manage group schedules, events, appointments, and meetings. Make everyone in your business more productive and organized.

File Sharing

Never lose your important documents again, Find files and images quickly and reduce email overload.

Project Management

Track project deliverables, store critical documents and manage tasks and bugs in one spot.

Meetings Online

Collaborate and meet in one central space to share ideas, documents, take notes and make scheduling and planning a breeze.

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SharePoint is what it says it is, a very cool tool for collaborating on anything and everything. Love havin the total package.

Stefan Gariel

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30 Day Free Trial

When you sign up for SharePoint, you are getting a free 30 day trial. Cancel at any time before your 30 days are up and you won't be charged a thing. There are a limited number of users and disk space to start off, but once you start a paid plan, you get unlimited users and a couple GB of space to work with. If you need more of anything, just ask. Sign up

Who is SharePoint for?

Over 20,000 business across the globe, big and small, real estate agents, brokers, HR, designers, lawyers, publishers, teachers, manufacturers, healthcare, charities, and more. Whether you're an enterprise with offices across the world or a start-up company, SharePoint can play a big role in your business.

SharePoint Works For You


Windows SharePoint Services can scale to thousands of sites within an organization. It fully supports load-balanced Web farm and clustered database deployments.


For site and server managers, quotas can be set and enforced not only on storage, but on sites per-server and users per-site. Site usage can be monitored to detect and retire inactive sites. Detailed security options are available and easily managed.