The Cloud App Model for SharePoint 2013

Finally, you can make your own apps for SharePoint. But why would you?

App Store screenshot

Well, thanks to the familiar tools and features you recognize from Microsoft, it’s easier than ever to learn how to create a web application and connect it to whatever internal or public web service you like. Along with the familiar user experience, the Cloud App Model uses HTML, JavaScript, PHP or .NET languages to give you every option and advantage when building your app.

This is different to the previous SharePoint 2010 version that would make you install your code directly to SharePoint’s servers and hope it worked without issue. Now SharePoint 2013 lets your app remotely access SharePoint and perform as it was programmed to do, all while being displayed inside the SharePoint UI, making it look like just another part of the site.

Now IT and developers can create apps, plug-and-play as needed and have them show up in SharePoint. It’s another nod to the power of the cloud – integrating customization with functionality.

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