Example Uses

Get connected. Stay informed. Unlimited ways to use your SharePoint 2013 site

Document management screenshot

Share files in real-time with document management

Never lose another importand document again. You've got information everywhere — documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails, and more. Everything is in different places and often on different computers. The SharePoint Document Manager makes it easy to keep your files in one spot and easily accessible

Track issues screenshot

Track issues and bugs as your project goes along

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 features an issues tracking list which allows users to track, assign, and report on issue status.

Improve communication, increase productivity and ensure accountability.

Online calendar screenshot

Manage Your Schedule in an Online Calendar

Use SharePoint Group Scheduling to check the availability of co-workers, conference rooms, locations - even office equipment.

Share your calendar with anyone, get meeting reminders, sync your calendar appointments and schedule web meetings.

Address book screenshot

Keep an online address book

With the ultimate contact manager, you can track job titles, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses. Search by name, phone number, email, or other fields for quick access.

SharePoint helps remote employees stay connected and you can also synchronize contact lists with Outlook.

Share photos screenshot

Share photos online with friends and family easily

No more Email attachments easily upload photos online view slideshows, leave comments, create picture libraries to organize and backup all your important photos.

Create your own online photo album in a snap.

Social network screenshot

Create a social network to discuss important topics

Discussions allows you to exchange important ideas, suggestions, and information within a group, department — even your entire organization, easily and securely.

Brainstorm and debate, build employee involvement and maintain records of committee decisions.

Team site screenshot

Create "team" sites specific to projects and groups

Organize your projects, schedule, assign and track project deliverables with your team. Store critical documents in SharePoint securely and manage bugs and issues in one workspace.

Imagine your entire project in one tidy place.

Opinion polls screenshot

Create opinion polls in seconds

Companies that encourage employee opinions and input often gain valuable insight into their business.

Whether it's a new product idea or simply where to hold the next company outing, Opinion Polls are a great way to learn what people think

Manage tasks screenshot

Manage tasks and activities for your projects

Effectively managing your time and resources is critical to efficient business productivity.

SharePoint Task Manager makes it easy to keep deadlines, personal action items, and project deliverables organized and manageable, all in one centralized and easy-to-access location.

Follow content screenshot

Post and share important announcements

Keeping everyone informed about the latest company news is critical to the success of any organization.

SharePoint Announcements make it easy to share the latest events, updates, and changes -- all available in your SharePoint Site.