SharePoint 2013 Features

Take a tour of the latest updates to SharePoint that are powering businesses around the world.

Enterprise Content Management screenshot

Enterprise Content Management

With SharePoint 2013, ECM has turned its attention to usability and is targeting individual users, teams and entire organizations at making life easier through improved processes. See the many advancements in Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2013.

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SharePoint 2013 builds upon the search capabilities of SharePoint 2010 creating several improvements that change the face of search within SharePoint. From UI improvements to search relevancy and continuous crawl advances, the new SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Search does not disappoint.

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Social Computing and Collaboration

Social gets quite the makeover with SharePoint 2013. Users and administrators alike benefit from solid advancements to social functionality that allows improved collaboration for users through sharing content and finding people easier. Learn more about Social Computing and Collaboration for SharePoint 2013.

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New enterprise features bring advanced functionality to SharePoint Server 2013 workflows. Power each process within your organization with the new Workflow Manager and learn more about the latest updates, including new components and concepts with SharePoint 2013 workflows.

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The Cloud App Model

Perhaps the most talked about addition to SharePoint 2013, the Cloud App Model is changing the way you do business. These applications are easy to install on-premises or in the cloud and can be used or removed as needed. See how the Cloud App Model for SharePoint 2013 can change the way your company delivers solutions to users.

Learn more about the SharePoint 2013 Cloud App Model

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