The Different Ways to Host SharePoint

The Cloud can be thought of in three different ways: The Private Cloud, the Public Cloud and the Hybrid cloud. Each cloud model has its own advantages and disadvantages, but chances are, one will be a perfect fit for your business.

10 Benefits of Private Cloud SharePoint Hosting Ebook

Fully dedicated Cloud “The Private Cloud”

Private Cloud SharePoint Hosting

In this model, your provider dedicates an entire virtual machine to you where you will retain full control over your server and have unlimited customization capabilities. It is the most expensive option, but allows for the most enterprise security, scalability and performance in the cloud.
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Semi-dedicated Cloud “The Hybrid Cloud”

hybrid Cloud SharePoint Hosting

Considered the best of both worlds, this cloud model blends your solution with resources of the public cloud and the private cloud. You can choose which services will be placed in a shared environment and which will be secured behind a private environment. Hybrid cloud models can also apply to infrastructures that use cloud resources to supplement an on-premises deployment.

Multi-tenant Cloud “The Public Cloud”

public Cloud SharePoint Hosting

This cloud model places your infrastructure in a shared environment. While this is typically your most cost-effective means of harnessing the cloud, it also grants you the least amount of control. Also, in a shared environment, problems with the system can affect all the accounts on that server.
Compare Private vs. Public Cloud