Why choose SharePoint?

SharePoint helps grow your business with streamlined data management and improved worker productivity.

Why Use 4 or 5 Web-Based Tools? Get it All in One

Thousands of ways to use SharePoint

Need an Intranet, online project management tool, club/team internet web site, or web based document management space to share files, photos and collaborate anywhere, anytime? SharePoint 2010 is the ultimate groupware tool. A SharePoint web site helps groups of people (whether work teams or social groups) share information and work together. SharePoint is a simple approach to project collaboration that helps online communication. In one central workspace community, you can coordinate projects, share calendars and schedules, discusss ideas, review documents, store files securely, manage task, contacts, to-dos and more. Now we can all share information effectively.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Integrate SharePoint with Office

All of a SharePoint site's collaborative content—or example, documents, lists, events, task assignments, and membership rosters — can be read and edited within Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. Picture editing of Web-based photo libraries is also possible. Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 allows SharePoint site event calendars to be viewed side-by-side with personal calendars, and it also creates meeting-specific workspaces to augment group appointments.

Developers: Customize SharePoint with .NET

In addition to the Web Part infrastructure, Windows SharePoint Services servers, sites, and site contents are exposed by a comprehensive Windows .NET based object model and industry-standard Web services. Site customization and enhance data-driven site content is possible, even to non-programmers, by using SharePoint Designer.

Did We Mention the Simple Part?

No computer skills needed

No need to learn new tools. With SharePoint you can use a familiar Microsoft Office environment to set schedules, manage employees benefits, list new properties, and track project management issues. Now, we can share files, create blogs, wikis, team sites, and on and on. It's a one stop shop for all our intranet/internet site needs.

Nothing to install

It's effortless, easy, and web-based. You don't need to download, install, or configure anything (no IT department required!). All you need is a web browser and an internet connection and you've got yourself an online office.

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